Unstuffed Pepper Soup


My favorite meal that my mom makes is Stuffed Peppers.  It has been a long time favorite of mine.  It isn’t my favorite meal when others make it, nor when I make it.  My mom just has the perfect knack for making stuffed peppers – I love them.  Almost every birthday, she will make me stuffed peppers.  How great is that?

Since I love stuffed peppers, I figured that I would try my hand at an unstuffed pepper soup recipe.  I’d seen them around on various sites and kind of got the gist, use all the main elements of a stuffed pepper and then add extra “tomato” liquids as a base. It seemed some people used tomato soup as a base, while others were using juices.  I fumbled around in the kitchen and did my own rendition. It turned out really yummy, nice on a chilly day but nothing beats mom’s stuffed peppers!

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